How Do You Approach Other Wholesalers About Co-Wholesaling?

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I’ve got a real treat for you today…

For those of you who have been around us for a while, you know we are gung-ho about the strategy of co-wholesaling.

So what is co-wholesaling…

Co-wholesaling is when you bring a sweet deal to the table and match it up with another co-wholesaler’s cash buyer. Or the reverse may be true. You bring a tasty cash buyer to the table and match it up with some other co-wholesaler’s epic deal.

It’s basically two co-wholesalers coming together, each bringing 1/2 of the transaction, and from there the two of you split the profits. This is a fantastic model and it’s been popularized by Justin Wilmont’s awesome 10-Hour Wholesaler presentation.

Recently, in one of our Q&A coaching calls for Strategic Investor Insider (PS: You do know that we conduct live anything goes, coaching calls for our insiders, right?) Well, we had a great question from one of our Insiders:

“How’s the best way to approach another wholesaler about co-wholesaling?”

In other words, how to break the ice when you’re talking to a wholesaler about taping into their inventory and matching it up with your buyers. This is a really great question that deserves a solid answer.

The best approach

The answer we gave on our coaching call actually included me and JP Moses doing a bit of role-playing. It turned out super-great, and I think it’s really going to help you in your own business dealings.

Wouldn’t like a listen? Of course you would! So, here’s a segment of that recent Q&A Coaching Call, which will show you how a scenario might go.

Give a listen right here!


Send me your thoughts

Okay – so what did you think? Is this an approach that you would feel comfortable with? Do you see any flaws in this tactic (even though it seems to be working brilliantly for us)? Please leave any questions and comments below. We’d love to hear from you.



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