How To Analyze Real Estate Deals (Plus Free Software)

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Hey, we’re continuing “Deal Analyzing Week” with an in-depth video from Private Money Blueprint (PMBP) faculty member, Daniil Kleyman… where he walks you through one of his recent deals.

If you missed the first video on analyzing real estate deals, go check it out first. It’s over on our PMBP blog.

As Daniil says, there’s nothing sexy about crunching numbers and math. What’s sexy is making money and growing a huge real estate operation.

But to do that you MUST

– make the right offers

– not overpay for deals

– leave nothing out of your analysis

– know your numbers cold

Analyzing Real Estate Deals | Deal Analysis Software

Watch Daniil’s step-by-step deal analysis video below…

Good stuff, ehh?

Before you go, grab your FREE version of Daniil’s real estate deal analysis software. After you sign up for it, he’ll shoot you an email with download instructions and additional training.

Happy Deal Analyzing!

– Patrick

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