How to Become a CIA: (Part 2) Negotiate Your Way to Wealth

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Negotiate Real EstateWelcome … to Part 2 of the “How to Become a CIA” creative real estate investing series … Negotiate Your Way to Wealth …

(if you’re new to the series, you may want to start with the introduction)

This week, master negotiator, Dusty Keefe, is gonna teach you how to negotiate your way to wealth.

Ever since getting started investing years ago … back in 2002 … Dusty has been a full time negotiator for our buy, sell, hold business. He had some sales experience prior, had studied books on negotiating and sales strategies, and naturally filled that position for our company.

Today, having negotiated with hundreds of buyers, sellers, tenants, contractors, and other investors … Dusty has become quite the master at his craft.

And, if you’ve ever met Dusty in person, you know this … the man never stops negotiating.

Dusty and I were going through a drive thru recently and before we got up to the window, he told me to get a free french fry. He didn’t say “Order another fry”, he said “Get a free fry”. I started to feel a little uncomfortable because I didn’t feel like asking … but, realized quickly that I was exhibiting weak behavior.  Sooooo, when we got up to the window, I asked for a free fry in a certain way that I thought would be compelling for the employee to give it to me …

… and you know what … I got a free fry.

This is a very simple example, but it shows how Dusty thinks … how the mind of a master negotiator functions.

I talked Dusty into sharing some killer negotiating techniques and strategies with us in the “How to Become a CIA” series … hope you enjoy!

Negotiate Your Way to Wealth with Dusty Keefe

Here’s what Dusty’s gonna cover …

>> What’s the Big Deal About Negotiating

>> Why Most Beginners Struggle with Negotiating (hint … it’s not your fault)

>> The “Must Know” Moving Parts of Every Negotiation

>> 3 Step Easy Process to Negotiating Great Deals

>> And Much More …

Check out the video below …

And is if that wasn’t enough smoking hot content … after we shot that video for ya, Dusty decided that he wasn’t done. (instead of putting the script mentioned in the video below, he did a video with it) …

The bonus video from Dusty is all about combating seller suspicion and anxiety.

You see, some sellers will come into their meeting with you being extremely skeptical. They think that you, the “big bad investor”, are going to rip them off or something.

Dusty unveils the exact script of what to say to handle this HUGE problem before it handles you. (you can find the script in our book as well, The Advantage of Real Estate) …

He shows you how to use the higher authority angle while maintaining the reluctant role AND how to position yourself on the seller’s “team” … VERY powerful!

Check out the video now …

That does it for this week’s lesson … here’s your homework …

“How to Become a CIA” Action List

1. Watch both videos above and take copious notes. Keep your notes with you over the next week and review them at various times throughout each day (just fold ’em up and keep them in your pocket).

2. Download Dusty’s “7 Things You Must Know Yesterday About Negotiating Great Deals” mp3 … listen to it at twice before next Wednesday.

3. Check out the blog post that I just did entitled, “What Comes First … Finding a Deal of Funding for a Deal” … I think this is an important lesson based on where we are at in this series, and I’d like for you to scroll down to the bottom and download the free marketing teleconference call.

It’s vital that you develop a marketing plan to start generating motivated seller leads so that you can use all of the information you learn throughout the series.

And for all you go getters, email me your marketing plan once you put it together, and I’ll critique it for ya. You can email it to patrick [at] mustknowinvesting [dot] com …

4. Last but NOT least, leave a comment with your favorite negotiating technique … either one you learned today or another one that you’ve found particularly useful.

Alright guys and gals … until next time …

Happy Investing!

Here are the links to the rest of the series . . .

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  1. These are some great tips! I like to negotiate with complete transparency the way Dusty does. Very good stuff!

    Like Dusty, I also try to mention in my conversation that I’m not attached to the property and say something like.. “If this works out, great! If not, that’s okay.. at least we tried.” And using his 3rd party negotiator technique works wonders and makes things easier for both sides of the negotiation. I’ve got to get that back into my negotiation strategy, I can’t believe I quit using it!

    It’s good for them to realize that I have other options. I sometimes mention that I can only buy a certain number of properties at once (which is true).

    Great stuff, I can’t wait for the next video! :)


  2. Patrick Riddle says:

    Yep Ryan … I like the candid … transparent approach as well. It’s powerful!

    I like how you say, “If not, that’s okay … at least we tried.” That’s pretty good.

    I’ve also used the, “We can only buy x more properties this month sooooo …”

    Thanks for your input Ryan!

    ~ Patrick

  3. aturner says:

    Love the series so far Pat!

    You guys are sharing so much great content … can’t tell you how much this means to me, and I’m sure so many others.


  4. Doug says:

    Awesome negotiating tips Dusty. Positioning yourself on the “seller’s team” sounds like a very powerful strategy. I’ll have to try it out and let you know how it goes. thanks.

  5. Lui says:

    I like how Dusty explains how to defer to the higher power right away and remains reluctant. “My job is to make sure this makes sense for you and that we can create a win win situation. The company i work for typically is looking for ….”

    Very useful tools.
    .-= Lui´s last blog ..Private Money Lending =-.

  6. Patrick Riddle says:

    Yeah Lui … I love that approach … you position yourself as NOT the decision maker, in the reluctant role, and you set yourself up so that your on the “same side of the table” as the seller …

    Very Powerful!

    ~ Patrick

  7. Alphonso says:

    Amazing stuff I like the higher authority idea

  8. victor says:

    About the first video.

    I enjoyed the easy way you presented

    The 3 parts:

    1. Create a Massive report

    2. Build massive value in your offer

    3. Ask for you want to get it. And shut up.

    and close as soon as you get what you want!

    Thank You Dusty and Patrick


  9. Heather says:

    My fave is def the “How do you mean?’, and shut up…let them explain, talk, and ramble and just sit back and listen :)

    • patrickriddle says:

      Yep, I’m a big fan of that one myself. The key is to shut up… which is hard to do a lot of the time, but quite effective.

      – Patrick

  10. Heather says:

    My fave is def the “How do you mean?’, and shut up…let them explain, talk, and ramble and just sit back and listen :)