How to Become a CIA: (Part 7) How to Get Full Control of a Property with ZERO Liability

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Real_Estate_Investing_Jaw_DroppedWelcome … to Part 7 of the “How to Become a CIA” creative real estate investing series … How to Get Full Control of a Property with ZERO Liability …

(if you’re new to the series, you may want to start with the introduction)

In our final part to the “How to Become a CIA” training series, Dusty Keefe is gonna teach you how to get full 100% control of a property with ZERO liability … so if, for any reason, you can walk away from a deal unscathed, unharmed, without a financial loss.

How does that sound? Did your jaw drop when you heard that for the first time?

Well, if you’re like me … it sure did!

You may be thinking … “Hold on a minute , Patrick, Dusty, soooo what you’re telling me is that I can contract a property, and if I don’t end up closing on it myself or wholesaling to someone else, I can walk away from the deal and even get my earnest money back??”

Yep, you can. And that’s exactly what Dusty is going to share with you in his video below …

(quick note … the techniques and strategies discussed work best when negotiating directly with sellers. Soooo, get your marketing plan off the ground so that sellers call YOU when they need to sell … not a Realtor)

How to Get Full Control of a Property with ZERO Liability

Here’s what you’re gonna learn today …

>> What Holds Back Most Investors and What to Do About It

>> How to Use Exculpatory Language to Safeguard Your Success

>> How to Control the Closing

>> The “Must Know” Clause for All You Wholesalers (Tip # 4)

>> And Much More!

Watch the video below …

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Wasn’t that some killer content?

Let’s send a BIG “Thank You” to Dusty for putting this together for us!

I hope you guys and gals have enjoyed the 7 Part “How to Become a CIA” creative real estate investing series… it’s been a blast putting it together for ya AND the feedback, all the comments, have been great!

… Part 7 wouldn’t be complete without the action plan so here you go …

“How to Become a CIA” Action List

1) Go back through the entire series again … Start HERE. Study each Part, watch every video, DO the homework … and leave your questions and comments …

2) And above all else … Take MASSIVE Action!

This series has provided the education, the tools, the resources, and the support for you to begin making big money investing in real estate. By applying the techniques and strategies that define a CIA, you can start investing in real estate RIGHT NOW regardless of your age, race, connections, background, finances, credit …

The choice is yours … and yes, that’s right … it’s a choice.

You either choose to be successful, to take massive action, to learn from your mistakes, to take 100% responsilbity for your results … or, you choose to fail, to quit when the going gets tough, to let adversity overcome your will, to listen to naysayers, to cast blame on everyone and everything but yourself.

Remember, the choice is yours!

If you’ve enjoyed this series, if this has helped, let me know by leaving a comment.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon …

~ Patrick

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  1. Lui says:

    Hey guys, thanks for the pointers. The contracts I believe can’t be overemphasized. You may unexpectingly be walking into a mine field if you end up signing paperwork that doesn’t protect your interest. Ask me how I know.

    When dealing with banks regarding short sales, I’m hearing increasing concerns about the federal government prosecuting investors for fraud when assigning contracts. I guess because the banks are getting bailed out and we (investors) make a profit on the short sale there’s some grey area and we could end up getting in trouble. I presume the best policy is to disclose disclose disclose, right?

    Thanks for the videos! I’ll definitely review them again and keep taking action, that always gets the phone ringing.

  2. Patrick Riddle says:

    Hey Lui … thanks for the all the feedback and questions throughout the series!

    You’re right, the paperwork is vitally important. Sounds like you learned the hard way. But at least you learned :)

    Yeah, I think you’re right when it comes to disclosing being the best policy.

    You’re welcome for the videos!

    ~ Patrick

  3. Scott says:

    Patrick, I mean “Hey P. RID!” ;O)

    Thanks for the CIA series, Its been a great reminder to focus on the basics! #1 of which is to get that phone ringing with motivated sellers and take MASSIVE ACTION!