How to Turn Wannabe Real Estate Investors Into Private Money Lenders

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real_estate_investing_private_moneyHave you been to your local REIA (real estate investment association) meeting before? If so, how many of those people do you think are actually investing?

I’ve found that typically, the room is split 70/30 …

70 percent (and sometimes even as high as 80% or more ) are wannabe real estate investors … they’ve never done a deal and probably never will … and ONLY …

30 percent are active investors …

What is it that you, an active or soon to be active real estate investor, could offer to these wannabe investors?

If you said, “An easy hands-off real estate investing opportunity … an opportunity where you don’t have to deal with contractors, the headaches of property management, leaky roofs, clogged toilets, the hassles that can come with home ownership … and all you have to do is stroke a check …”

… then you understand what I’m talking about!!

You see … wannabe real estate investors are perfect prospects for private money. They’re already sold on real estate investing, they’re already seeking a way to make money in real estate … all you have to do is show them how they can become a real estate investor by simply lending you money.

Here’s a question we recently got from one of our Private Money Blueprint students on the subject …

Private Money Real Estate Investing Question

Great question Mike!

Check out the video below …

How to Get Private Money from Wannabe Real Estate Investors

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  1. Nice article, however 30% seems high … in this current climate. Current property investment seminars are getting good turn outs though

  2. Patrick Riddle says:

    Yeah … you may be right. It could vary depending on where you’re located as well …

    I guess there may be even more wannabe investors than I had thought … aka more chances for you to turn them into your private money lenders :)

    ~ Patrick

  3. Penny Stocks says:

    Great site, I will be checking back for any new articles and linking back to you from my site.