The Title Search That Cost Me A Mil

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I was downtown last Friday and just happened to be driving right by “The Big Fish That Got Away.” It’s a property on Pitt street that we had under contract years ago but ended up letting it go. Check out the video and my new do . . .

Dusty just updated me on one of the aspects of the deal. I mentioned in the video that I wasn’t sure where we got the lead from, but since Dusty’s mind is like a steal trap, he reminded me. The seller lead came from a billboard that we had at the time.

Right after I posted the video on YouTube, I got a comment from one of my subscribers. Check it out below . . .

Real Estate Investing Comment

Great question JP!

I think the lesson learned was to always go with your gut and do what you think is best. Even though we had one of the seller’s signatures (the mother that owned 98% of the deed), since her daughter wouldn’t cooperate, we signed a release of contract. All parties wanted to sell, but the daughter wouldn’t agree to our terms. The mother was very elderly, and the whole situation was causing her much distress so we let it go.

I hope that provides a good nugget to take away from this video JP.

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  1. gail smith says:

    Hi patrick. couldn’t see the wedding pics but the new hair is nice! My daughter actually has the same haircut but her hair is red!

  2. James says:

    Nice video. Great story, I think we all have “the one that got away” stories. Glad to hear it did not stop you from moving forward.