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Today is a great day! I have something amazing to share with you that’s going to level-up your REI game—no matter if you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro.

Whatcha say about this?

A terrific step-by-step training program that details exactly how to routinely locate, fund, flip & profit from deals “hiding in plain sight” in any U.S. target market: vacant houses.

Awesome, right?! 

Well, I’ve got just the thing for you: The Vacant House Bank by Cameron Dunlap

Very few investors even know about the genius methods of The Vacant House Bank by Cameron Dunlap. 

Have a looksie…

The Vacant House Bank Awesomeness

The Vacant House Bank testimonials

Okay, party people, this unique training program is for anyone—new and seasoned investors. Learn how to systematically located off-market properties that are vacant… and profit from them by selling them quickly, as-is, to cash buyers who are hungry for deal in that marketplace.

Cameron is open about the earning capability vacant houses can offer: He calls it the most lucrative, yet under-tapped, property type for wholesale investors—distressed properties that are basically “hiding in plain sight” in every market.

His training program is unveiled in a series of info-packed video and audio modules, including pro tips, resources, bonus “amplifier training” video sessions and so much more.

The modules are broken down into digestible chunks in which Cam carefully explains and demonstrates the complete process—you’ll start with basic info about vacant houses, then move to how to find vacant house deals, how to fund your vacant house deals and how to flip these “hidden gems” to cash buyers all while you make a nice buck with every deal.

Free Transactional Funding = No Cost

Cameron Dunlap: Vacant House Bank

Here’s something amazing from The Vacant House Bank—you get deal funding at no cost. Yep, Cam’s giving you “free, flash funding” for 1 vacant house deal.

For wholesale deals, did you know that most transactional funding costs 1% to 3% of the amount borrowed? It’s true. So, as a member of the Vacant House Bank, for 6 months, you’ll have access to up to $600,000 in transactional funding for 1 vacant house wholesale deal at no cost. That’s Cam’s “no fee funding” for you.

Cam’s strategy works. See, he’s been using it with his real estate business for years and years (and years). Now, he is sharing all the goods so we can find our own success. (Thanks, Cam. Atta boy to you!)

The Specifics 

Okay okay, you want details about this training program… gotcha covered…

The Vacant House Bank uncovers:

  • Meeting of the Mindset: Learn how to think—get your brain working correctly so you can seize the many vacant house opportunities no matter where you are
  • 2 Sellers: Understanding the 2 types of vacant house sellers
  • Search: A step-by-step guide to finding vacant house deals
  • Awesomer: Vacant houses are super awesome, learn why 
  • Opt for Opportunity: You’ll quickly understand why embracing vacant house opportunities is a smart move
  • Buyers: Active cash buyers are what you want, we show you how to quickly connect with them
  • Team: You’ll need to leverage people, we’ll show you how to find and recruit ‘em
  • Empty: A slew of interesting reasons why distressed houses end up vacant
  • Find Funds: We’re sharing 5 ways you can get funding for vacant house deals
  • See Sellers: Sellers come in different shapes and sizes, so you’ll learn the right process to find ‘em along with helpful tools you’ll need
  • Rules Are Rules: vacant house bank investors must understand these 7 ground rules 
  • Owning: You’ll be prescreening, tracking down and then talking to vacant house owners about their problem—and you’re their solution
  • Benjamins: Of course you want to know how to get paid from vacant houses as quickly as humanly possible
  • Secret Hacks: Cam shares his valuable pro tips—the same ones he teaches to his successful students—to use for your own vacant houses deals
  • Free Funding: Want your next deal funded for free? You can have it with Free Flash Funding (a.k.a. transactional funding at no cost) 
  • And so much more…

Lemme break it down: Cameron Dunlap is going to give you personally guided tour of his amazing vacant house strategy with The Vacant house Bank—that’s incredible!

I’m thinking you might want to know a little more about The Vacant House Bank training program. So, watch this brief video, and enjoy. :-)

But don’t just take my word for it…

The Vacant House Bank Testimonials

“Cameron Dunlap’s program is unbelievable. It is the most comprehensive all inclusive program out there. He has included every facet of the industry and has made it automatic.”


“WOW! That’s all I can say. Recently, I used Cameron Dunlap’s No-Fee Funding program. He funded a deal that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to get funded and I made $7,406 in a few short weeks! I also have 2 more deals set to close in the next 2 weeks. Was I skeptical? Yes. Was I scared? Yes. But Cameron delivers!”
~Brian B

“We want to start out by thanking Cameron Dunlap and his team for making possible the biggest pay day of our real estate career- $45,000 profit in a single transaction! …Cameron Dunlap and his team are true professionals and his program works! We’re living proof!  Thanks Cameron Dunlap- we can hardly wait for our next deal!”
~Ron & Julie P.

“We would like to extend many thanks to you & your team! You’ve taken our business to another phase. Our last two deals were vacant properties that we found via Vacant House Data Feed…we are able to use (your) funding to execute our deals that would otherwise not be possible. It’s clear that you guys have a GREAT TEAM! I feel that we don’t thank you enough for all of your services. You help make us great & have HUGE value to our group.”
~Lenny H.

The VHB 

Here’s what you get:

Essential ingredients + expertise, insight and all the steps you need to elevate your real estate investing business.  


Focusing on this hidden strategy = not so much competition.


It’s your turn to tap into your own “Vacant House Bank” to level-up your REI business AND income.

The Vacant Houses Banker Himself: Cameron Dunlap

From Friend, Colleague and Fanboy JP Moses, Awesome REI President:

Cameron Dunlap, Vacant House Bank testimonials
Cameron Dunlap, training REIs

I do not know of more skillful investor, routine dealmaker or authentic supporter than Mr. Cam Dunlap. I highly recommend him as a teacher, mentor and friend. The Vacant House Banker has been doing deals since 1993 and teaching anyone who wants to learn his strategies since 1995.

With his real-world experiences, forward-thinking, “regular guy” charm, and integrity—there’s no wonder his proven track record is packed with big wins, and a bit of School of Hard Knocks lessons learned along the way.

Cam thoroughly enjoys helping others ramp up their advance in their own real estate path. Now you’ve just got to embrace this opportunity.

  • With this training, he shows you how to get a Want to get your Vacant House Bank paycheck asap? Cam shows you how… without a bunch of effort or time on your part. How? You’ll dive an “inch wide & a mile deep” on the most potent action steps and ideas.
  • Accelerate your journey to Vacant House Bank deals with our best tools, pro tips, resources and best practices that you can apply today.
  • With Cam’s  free, flash funding, Vacant House Bank members get no-fee transactional funding for your first Vacant House Bank deal.
Cameron Dunlap, Vacant House Trainer

The Nutshell: This strategy works for anyone who follows Cam’s training. You can do it in just about any market remotely or right in the city you live in. Domination and exploitation are ahead with The Vacant House Bank, where you’ll enjoy the very profitable strategy of wholesaling vacant houses in your target market. Your first vacant house deal paycheck is coming right up.

Wanna Give The Vacant House Bank a Go?

Thought you might ;-)

Because you can probably start to see why this is one of my favorite strategies from Cam… 

I suggest you check out the official VHB press release to learn more about this remarkable training program and see if Cam’s strategy is right for you.

Dig in.

Later guys,


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