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Okie dokie, folks… I’ve got a remarkable foreclosure real estate investing strategy — and truth: it’s a genius idea for newbie investors!

Check this out…

Chillin’ on your couch or at your desk, you can follow easy-to-understand, specific steps on how to focus in on foreclosure properties, easily finding sellers AND buyers in the wonderfully profitable surplus opportunity market, flipping foreclosures in nearly any U.S. market.

Sounds amazing, right?!

Well, now newer and regular ‘ole real estate investors just like you can do just that with Family Bank Funding by Cameron Dunlap.

Ok, I might be a teensy bit eager to share Cam’s wholesaling and foreclosure training program! Why? Because it’s the smartest formulaic step-by-step walk-through of how you can consistently tap into and systematically profit from the foreclosure area, and then dominate it(!) — while learning from the best and brightest.

Cam shows you exactly how to use this strategy and gives tons of resources, tools and more goodies to help you flip your first (or next) foreclosure deal as soon as possible. We’re talking action steps mixed with expert guidance, so you’ll be calling yourself a foreclosure real estate investor in no time. Cam shows you how to focus by going an inch wide and a mile deep — you’ll have a fast payday… all while helping people with each deal.

See, Cam teaches you the entire foreclosure process, including pre-bank, pre-list and post-list deals, plus MLS access, befriending Realtors and so much more! Basically, everything you need to rock foreclosures. See, Cam’s been deal-making for 27 years now and he’s been teaching others his smart strategies since 1995 with incredible success. 

Family Bank Funding: The Awesome

In Cam’s jam-packed program with consecutive video modules, he breaks down the Family Bank Funding training series into easy-to-learn video presentations that show you how to quickly and easily flip foreclosure properties to land fast paydays. Like I said, Cam’s been doing this for years, and now he’s generously sharing all of his foreclosure knowledge in this uncomplicated, straightforward training. Hooray for Cam!

And, perhaps the best part: After you go through all the easy-to-follow yet thoroughly comprehensive training, you can start taking action on what you learn straight away. As in, right now! It’s a simple but super effective foreclosure strategy.

Take a looksie at what this is all about…

Family Bank Funding: What the heck is it?

Cam’s training is broken down into 4 core video presentations:

  • 01: Family Bank Funding Kickstart
  • 02: Fund the Deal
  • 03: Find the Deal
  • 04: Flip the Deal

Family Bank Funding Kickstart is designed to be your “mall map.” You’ll get a solid foundation of what’s coming your way in the complete training, which means you can begin as quickly as possible! 

In Module 2, Fund the Deal, Cam talks about the ins-and-outs of funding deals, why you should do double closings instead of assignments, how you can use FBF funding for FREE for your deals, 5 other ways to fund your deals and more.

Find the Deal is Module 3, where Cam explains who the right prospects are and the right process to find them with helpful tools, plus how to make winning offers.

Finally, in Module 4’s Flip the Deal, Cam shares possible exit strategies, why wholesaling is the acceleration engine, pricing, contracts, closing and getting paid!

Plus, we’re hooking you up with related resources, bonus “amplifier” training videos, scripts and more.

Listen, I’m telling you, this training is loaded with amazing actionable info.

Want to know more about Family Bank Funding? Take a look… and enjoy. 

Inside Video Review of Family Bank Funding Training

Family Bank Funding Testimonials

See, Cam isn’t just an REI genius… he’s also a skilled coach, mentor, inventor and teacher who LOVES helping regular folks begin or level up their investing business. He’s sharpened the foreclosure process with incredible success… and he’s sharing it with you! (Thanks, Cam!)

He’s done countless of transactions and helped thousands of investors just like you make amazing money in the foreclosure arena, while helping sellers out of difficult situations. 

It’s all because of his easy-to-digest systematic approach to foreclosure in the opportunity surplus market.

Here’s a smidge of real feedback (in their own words) from real investors who Cam has helped tap into those profitable foreclosure deals…

“We would like to extend many thanks to you & your team! You’ve taken our business to another phase. Our last two deals were vacant properties that we found via Vacant House Data Feed…we are able to use (your) funding to execute our deals that would otherwise not be possible. It’s clear that you guys have a GREAT TEAM! I feel that we don’t thank you enough for all of your services. You help make us great & have HUGE value to our group.”

~Lenny H.

“WOW! That’s all I can say. Recently, I used Cameron Dunlap’s No-Fee Funding program. He funded a deal that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to get funded and I made $7,406 in a few short weeks! I also have 2 more deals set to close in the next 2 weeks. Was I skeptical? Yes. Was I scared? Yes. But Cameron delivers!”

~Brian B

“Cameron Dunlap’s program is unbelievable. It is the most comprehensive all inclusive program out there. He has included every facet of the industry and has made it automatic.”


“We want to start out by thanking Cameron Dunlap and his team for making possible the biggest pay day of our real estate career- $45,000 profit in a single transaction! …Cameron Dunlap and his team are true professionals and his program works! We’re living proof! Thanks Cameron Dunlap- we can hardly wait for our next deal!”

~Ron & Julie P.

Want to Give Family Bank Funding a Go?

I kinda thought you might…

So first, please take a look at this official press release to learn even more about Cam’s awesome training program to see if his foreclosure method is right for you. (I’m thinking you’ll frickin’ love it!)  

See, with Cam’s training, you’ll have everything you need to systematically find and reach out sellers in opportunity surplus markets across the United States — then easily flip the foreclosure deals to cash buyers, so you get a fast payday, while helping people along the way. I get excited just writing about it!

When you follow Cam’s training exactly as he explains it — you’ll be collecting paychecks one after another by focusing an inch wide and a mile deep in the profitable foreclosure arena.

Pretty great, right?

So I encourage you to take a gander at Family Bank Funding by Cameron Dunlap. You’ll undoubtedly love his foreclosure strategy… just like the nice people who sent in their testimonials.

Profiting handsomely from the opportunity surplus foreclosure market is in sight.



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