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I got an email the other day with the subject line, “Does PMBP really work?.”

I get this question a lot (or some version of it).

So, to give you an answer if it’s on your mind too, check out the pics below.

This is a small collection of unsolicited emails, Facebook messages, and other online posts from real world people – just like you and me – who applied the Private Money Blueprint (PMBP) and our other training programs with success.

This is the reason I do what I do… results.  Private money gotten, deals closed, profits made.

I love it!

Check out what a few of our PMBPers had to say…

Does Private Money Blueprint Really Work?

Here are a couple Facebook updates from PMBP Platinum student Rob Russell

This is Shannon (aka Shae) Bynes – PMBPer from our original pilot program…

My friend, JP Moses, did a post over on his blog where he asked readers what their favorite training programs are and here’s another comment from Shae…

And here are a two emails from Private Money on Demand students…

The first pic below is an email from PMBPer, Eric Blow, with an update on his private money getting progress… then a chat message showing how much moolah he’s going to make from his first rehab (a cool $25,000 bucks)…

Gotta love this next one!

Justin Wilmot – surfer dude turned real estate investor – bought and sold 4 more deals, has 3 more under construction… AND sold his boat detailing biz to move full time into real estate investing. Nice!

Check this one out… guess PMBP works even in the Philippines…

(Note: These results are not typical. Most people don’t take any action; therefore get zero results. AKA no private money)

But, if you’ll willing to put in the work by taking action, you can do it too.

… just like Ben, Christina, Eileen, Frank, Lui, Rob, Shae, Tammy, Doug, Nick, Eric, Justin, Brittany, Larry, and all the other PMBPers kicking serious butt in today’s market.

If you have a PMBP success story we don’t know about yet, toss it in the comment area.

Happy Investing!

– Patrick

P. S. – If you’re interested in joining forces with us, check out the links below…

The Private Money Blueprint System – This is 100% of everything I know and use to get private money… all the forms, tools, resources, marketing templates, website, and full support.


The Private Money on Demand Training Program – This teaches specifically one technique for getting private money… how to find active private lenders in your local market at a moment’s notice through public records.


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  1. Shae Bynes says:

    Well alright! Results speak for themselves, don’t they? :-) Keep up the great training, P-Rid…we love it!

    • patrickriddle says:

      Thanks Shae… I’ll keep it up.

      I appreciate you being one of the doers, the action takers.

      Congrats on all your success thus far :-)

      ~ Patrick