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One of our students, Nathan Delpino has joined us today to share his story with you. And what a story it is . . .

After being mentored by us, Nathan was able to quit his day job and go full time as a real estate investor. You see, after he made more money on one of his first deals than he had made the previous year in his sales job, it just didn’t make much sense to go back to work.

Since beginning his real estate investing career, Nathan has quit his job, given himself complete time freedom, married a beautiful woman, moved into his dream house, and now has a baby on the way. Basically, he’s living the dream. All because he made the wise decision to dream big and invest in his education. He’s the type of person that prefers to take the easy path . . . that is . . . learn from someone who has done a ton of deals, made all the mistakes, and experienced about every kind of situation that real estate investing can bring at you.

Like many of us, Nathan started with little to no cash or credit. He was forced into learning creative strategies to put together deals like using private money lenders to fund his deals.

I think people that start with nothing actually have an advantage in this game. When you MUST be resourceful to close a deal because there are no other ways to make it happen, you learn a ton of incredibly useful skills.  So get rid of the lousy excuse that you don’t have the cash, credit, or time for real estate investing or private money to work for you. Neither did we!

Check out the video below to hear Nathan’s story! (also, check out Nathan’s website, The Charleston Home Buyer)

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