What to Do When They Say “No” (Step by Step)

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Private_Money_Lending_Follow_UpYou could be leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars (maybe even millions!) on the table with your private lending prospects … IF you don’t have an effective follow up system in place.

Answer this for me …

What are you doing with your private money prospects when they say, “No” or “I’m not interested right now.”

If you’re like most people, you’ve forgotten them. You never contacted them again, right?

Well, I’ve put together a deep content tutorial that walks you through the process of setting up a follow up system that automatically stays in contact with your prospects AND builds massive credibillity and trust.

Check ‘er out over on our Private Money Blueprint blog.

And here’s the coolest thing about it …

This is ONLY Part 1 of my brand spankin’ new, deep content drenched, “P-Rid’s Private Money Millions Series” …

How to Explode Your Private Lending Program w/ a Newsletter

In Part 1, I walk you through exactly how to set up your private money lending newsletter including …

– What to say in your newsletters

– Where to get valuable content you can use without having to write it yourself (free places)

– How often you should mail

– Is print or email better?

– What service providors are the best? (we’ve tested)

– How to build credibility with the prospect over time … and how to get them to say “yes” without ever selling them

Head on over to the PMBP blog now to check out Part 1 – “How to Explode Your Private Lending Program w/ a Newsletter”.

Enjoy :-)

~ Patrick

… P-Rid

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