Real Estate Investment Tips and Strategies : Key to the Business

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Real Estate Investment Tips and Strategies : Key to the BusinessI remember when we were at our first big real estate seminar. We were salivating like pavlonian dogs waiting for Louis Brown to get started. We had heard him speak at a one day seminar before and were ready to learn more from the master himself.

As I suffered from a case of information overload over the 5 day period, one thing stuck in my head. Lou said, “Follow-ups are the key to the business.” He mentioned that around 60% of his deals came from following up with sellers days, weeks, and months after initial meetings with them.

In my first year of investing, we made over $20K on a deal in Mount Pleasant, SC because we followed up with a seller for several weeks after we made her an offer. Even if you give a seller your information after you have met with them, your job is not done. People lose things all the time. I always just ask a seller, “Do you mind if I put you in the follow-up log?”

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