What Is “Touchscreen Profits” by Lee Arnold?

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So, I’ve got a question for you…

What if I said there’s a remarkable new real estate investing training program that details how newer and seasoned investors can focus on and repeatedly profit from a little-known distressed asset opportunity market, wholesaling nuisance properties in nearly any U.S. market?

You want to know more, right?!

Well, this step-by-step, formulaic process goes an inch wide and a mile deep so you can quickly do your first (or next!) nuisance property deal for a terrific payday AND help people along the way.

Hey there, Patrick Riddle here, to tell you about this amazing new undercover asset program for new and, yep, even seasoned investors… Touchscreen Profits by Lee Arnold.

So, check it out…

Touchscreen Profits expertly teaches REIs to systematically find undercover assets and quickly profit from this highly untapped market of properties across the U.S. This one-of-a-kind system covers details about the not-well-known niche of “nuisance properties” and shows you how to find these undercover asset deals across the U.S.

Lee shares how to be the hero for motivated owners with a real housing problem by kindly and gently offering solutions. Plus, as it were, you get paid awesomely for it — you’ll earn paydays quickly and relatively easily by going an inch wide & a mile deep.

Here’s what the Touchscreen Profits training program looks like:

  • A series of packed informational video and audio training modules
  • Loads of useful goodies: scripts, contracts, tools, resources, “amplifier training” and more
  • Easy-to-understand media that explains the whole nuisance property process — from learning about these little-known opportunities and how you can flip ‘em, to finding these undercover assets, helping cities AND homeowners, plus talking to and negotiating with sellers and buyers, making smart offers, closing and sooo much more.

The brilliant creator of Touchscreen Profits — Lee Arnold — is an REI expert! He generously teaches you his nuisance property process, so you can systematically find, flip and close undercover asset deals… and make awesome money while helping sellers out of unfortunate situations.

Touchscreen Profits is ideal for any investor — those who are about to pull the trigger on investing AND for those who already doing this and want to accelerate their business or try a new genius strategy.

Touchscreen Profits Awesomeness

Touchscreen Profits does all this and more:

  • Across the Map: How you can flip nuisance properties in nearly every U.S. state.
  • Laser-Focus: Focusing your time, effort and attention an inch wide and a mile deep
  • Extras: Tons of useful best practices, extras, pro tips to becoming a successful undercover asset investor
  • Framework: Understanding the problem and how you’re the solution
  • Love: Why cities and municipalities will want to work with you
  • Exit: the smartest exit strategies
  • Getting Paid: How to quickly get paid, rinse and repeat
  • Free Templates: Swipe Lee’s contracts, scripts, ads and more
  • Talk the Talk: How to talk to sellers and buyers
  • Formulas: Lee’s ARV
  • Offers: Making offers at the right price
  • Connection: The right and wrong ways to connect with sellers
  • Acquire: Scooping up these nuisance property deals.
  • Timing: The exact nuisance property timeline
  • Negotiate: The proper way
  • Profit: Sell the deal and get $$
  • Language: the right lingo
  • Steps: The exact path to take to find sellers and buyers
  • Wholesaling: high-level 101
  • And… loads more valuable information, details and actionable insight…

Well then…

So, I want you to think about Touchscreen Profits as your personally guided nuisance property process tour by REI expert Lee Arnold!

At this point, you probably want to know even more about the Touchscreen Profits training program, right?

So, have a looksie at this brief video that shares even more of the goods. Enjoy.

The Touchscreen Profits Main Point

With Touchscreen Profits, regular real estate folks can cash in with great paydays as a nuisance property investor. It’s all thanks to Lee clearly breaking down the undercover assets process from beginning to end with easy-to-follow steps that get results quickly.

In Touchscreen Profits, Lee explains his proven, time-tested methods for finding deals from the nuisance property opportunity market — in a brilliant, systematic way — then flipping those undercover asset deals for a quick payday. And, Lee demonstrates everything in a very thorough yet simple way in the program.

Lee Arnold + Touchscreen Profits

Patrick Riddle, President PMBP with some nice words: Arnold has been deal-making for 20+ years, and teaching students and clients his REI strategies & methods since 1995.

I truly believe he’s one of the most skilled investors and financial experts there is… a repeat deal-maker… and a wonderfully decent human. Having done thousands of transactions himself and ushering in an innovative way to invest in real estate with undercover assets — this guy is incredibly smart, honest and generous.

His long track record of deals and lending is all the evidence you need, proving he’s the real thing. Plus, he’s humble — see, some of it didn’t come easy, and he’s sharing all his mistakes too… so you can avoid the same mistakes he made. Thanks, Lee.

When you watch the Touchscreen Profits training, you’ll see that Lee LOVES sharing and teaching his nuisance property strategy, so people can enjoy similar rewards from successful REI endeavors. BTW… the “people” is you now!

So, I cordially invite you to jump into this remarkable new training from a genius mentor and coach.

Lee’s training:

  • Shows you how to quickly flip nuisance properties in straightforward, simple, repeatable steps
  • Ramps up your Touchscreen Profits journey with smart pro tips, helpful tools, amp sessions, resources and more

The Breakdown: You can start this strategy this very second in nearly any market in the United States. With Touchscreen Profits, you’ll be ready to smash the little-known opportunity market with expert direction from Lee, profiting handsomely and helping sellers as you close deal after deal.

Sounds pretty great, right?

Well then, check out this official press release to see if Touchscreen Profits is right for your REI business. (It prob is!) I really believe you’ll love Lee’s approach to these undercover assets.


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