Your 30 Second Commerial : Real Estate Investment Tips and Strategies

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Real Estate Investment Tips and StrategiesWhat do you say to a seller when they invariably ask you about your company? This could be in person, on the phone, whatever.

I’m going to give you a great 30 second commercial that you can easily memorize and put to use immediately in your real estate investing business.

Quick tip before we get into this: If you do the majority of the talking when you are qualifying or negotiating with sellers, you’re missing the boat. The key to effectively communicating with sellers is to find out what their needs are and to listen intently for their pain. Once you know if and what their pains are, you can effectively sell your services to alleviate their pains.

The reason why it’s called a 30 second commercial is because you don’t want to spend much time talking about you and your services. That’s not what’s important. What’s important is finding out the seller’s situation and if they have sufficient motivation to accept an offer from you. So, as soon as you get the “tell me about your company” question, you want to briefly cover their question . . . and then get back to what’s really important. Finding out their exact situation to see if you can help.

The 30 Second Commercial

Seller: “So, tell me about your company.”

Investor: “Well, I work for a real estate investing company that help homeowners who need to sell fast. Typically we work with homeowners who . . .

  • Are tired of dealing with Realtors that consistently over promise and under deliver. . .
  • Can’t afford to have another contract fall through on them . . .
  • Are frustrated because their house will never sell in today’s market . . .
  • Don’t have the luxury of waiting around forever to maybe sell their house one day. . .

Our service is really speed to take care of a problem property and the ease of working with a professional home buyer. Now, we are a company so we would have to make a profit on the property, if you are OK with that, then we can at least look into it for you.

Does that make sense?”

Putting it into Action

I’m giving you word for word what has worked for me year after year, deal after deal. Put this to memory so that it’s automatic when you get the question. As soon as you finish your 30 second commercial, get right back to what’s important . . . finding out the seller’s situation. That’s how you will know whether or not you can help them. Remember, if you’re talking, you’re not learning anything about the seller’s situation . . . so SHUT UP and listen!

For this to work, or anything else that we teach for that matter, you’ve got to put it to work. The ball is once again in your court. All I can do is provide you with the best information in creative real estate investing that exists, it’s up to you to get results because of it.

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  1. Lyn Mettler says:

    Good advice, not just for real estate sales, but for anyone trying to convert a client. I often find myself talking too much; must remember to listen more!

  2. Patrick Riddle says:


    Here’s the outline of how to create your 30 second commercial for any industry.

    1. Tell them what you do so that a second grader can understand.

    2. Trigger pain points by saying, “Typically, we work with people who . . . and list the pain your clients experience.

    3. One liner about what you offer to take care of pains.

    4. Finish it off with a question that gets the prospect saying yes, as in “Does that make sense?”