Real Estate Investment Tips and Strategies : Plant Some Seeds

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Real Estate Investment Tips and Strategies : Plant Some SeedsIf you were a farmer, each spring would be a time of planting. Throughout summer you would tend to your crop. And if all went well, you would reap your harvest in the fall.

In order to reap a harvest of good deals and profit in real estate, you have to do the same thing. Plant seeds, tend to your crop, and harvest when the time is right.

Here’s 3 steps to get its done:

1. Tell everyone you know that you are a real estate investor and start talking to sellers. Now your planting some seeds.

2. Follow-up with your leads. Just think of it as if you are tending to your crop. Often times, we make offers and they do not get initially accepted. But the fortune is in the follow-up. We have bought a bunch of houses from sellers’ that we followed up with. Also, by telling everyone you know that you are an investor, you will get some great referrals for contractors, agents, mortgage brokers, attorneys, etc.

3. Now it’s time to harvest. If you got the word out and followed up with your leads, you’ve found a deal and are ready to assemble your team. Use those resources to “harvest the crop.”

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