The Private Money Coaching Program You’ve Been Looking For And Can’t Find

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Private Money Coaching ProgramEven though our “Private Money Blueprint” video series is over, we’re not done teaching you how to get private money for your real estate deals yet. All the emails that keep pouring in with questions have showed Trevor and I that there is a REAL NEED to help investors get past their barriers to getting private money. And when I say “help,” I mean there is a need to personally walk investors through the process.

Any of you who have been around the past few months know that we’ve been bringing you the best free content on private money on the web (I challenge you to prove me wrong!!). We started by doing a free 2 hour webinar back in August and again early in September. We had over 800 people sign up for the webinars! We even gave away a free eBook and lender power point presentation to use when meeting with a potential private money lender. And then came the “Private Money Blueprint” video series which consisted of 5 content rich videos answering many of the questions that came in from our readers.

Since we continue to get bombarded with questions and inquiries (even with the extraordinary amount of free actionable content that we’ve provided), we’ve decided to put together a 6 week private money coaching program to walk a few people through the process.

This has been something that Trevor and I have been cooking up for a little while, but we had originally planned on launching it beginning of ’09. The response that we’ve gotten from everyone has accelerated our plans to help a few students (only 10 to 20)  right now to get private money for their real estate deals. And we’re guaranteeing that anyone that joins our program will have a comittment of at least $100K from a private lender within 90 days or their money back. No success equals no cost! If you’re thinking that it will cost an arm and a leg like all the other programs out there, you’re wrong! (it’s less than $1K and we even have a payment plan option for those who need it)

I will say this though . . . we decided to have an application process for our program since we are only taking a limited number of students. We know that we are only going to be as successful as you are. We aren’t going to accept people that won’t put in the time, energy, and passion necessary to learn and apply what we teach. We’re looking for the doers out there! People who will take this very seriously and DO exactly what we tell them to. That’s how you’ll be successful at this.

We’re opening the application process at 3:00 p.m. EST today, November 11th and will not take more than 20 students. Applications will be handled as they come in on a first come first serve basis. And please do not take it personally if we do not accept your application.

For those of you who get accepted into the program, hold on tight! Your going to learn more and take more action towards your real estate investing success than ever before. This program is not for the faint at heart. We’re going to force you into doing things that make you uncomfortable. That’s when you grow . . . when you learn . . . and when you make huge breakthroughs that could forever change your real estate investing business and life.When faced with a decision, I always think back to one of the keys of success that Napoleon Hill found in his 20+ year study of personal achievement. He found that unsuccessful people make decisions very slowly and change them very quickly. Invariably, successful people make decisions quickly and change them very slowly.

Are you going to make decision today to invest in yourself and learn what it takes to get private money for your deals? Or are you going to continue to go it alone and hope that one day things will just work out for you?

The choice is yours.

Let’s make 2009 the best year you’ve ever had! Let’s make it the year that private money not only changed your real estate business but changed your life!

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  1. Larry Hoffman says:

    Sign me up?


  2. Patrick Riddle says:


    There’s a link to the application now at Let me know if you have any questions.